Weekend Messages

Colossians: Filled In Christ

Why Colossians? Coming off of teachings on theology, it was deemed ideal to go through a book of the Bible, where doctrine addresses the Colossian heresy, and Paul teaches about Christian practice coming off of belief.

September 1   Holding Fast to Christ
Because Jesus Christ has freed us from slavery to sin, we should be eager to serve God.

September 8   Seeking Christ
As those who have been raised with Christ, we ought to set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

September 15  Life Before Christ
A new man in Christ ought to live a new life in Christ.

September 22   Life With Christ
As we read and follow God’s word and take time to worship God, we will be led by God as to what we need to do.

September 29   Marriage Under Christ
A wife’s role is joyful intelligent submission, while a husband’s role is loving sacrificial leadership.

October 6  Family Under Christ 
Good parenting is a result of godly living.

October 13   Workplace Under Christ
Godly behavior in the workplace is an outcome of understanding and acknowledging God as the ultimate Master.

October 20   Speaking Of Christ
Being an effective witness for Christ requires prayer, clarity, wisdom, and grace.

October 27   Friendship In Christ
Authentic Christian friendship is characterized by encouraging  and blessing others.