Weekend Messages

The Birth of Christ

The birth of Christ is no ordinary birth. In this message series, we will take a look at why His birth is unique. Each week will uncover different aspects of His birth and how it speaks to us today. May we not miss the Christ in Christmas. May we be awed that He who created the universe and sustains it by His power chose to take on human flesh and become one of us.

November 25  Immanence of Birth

Christ is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. If we ever asked the question, “What is God like?”, the answer lies in Jesus.

December 2 Uniqueness of Birth

The Second Person of the Trinity humbled Himself to die for our sins. He is Immanuel, God with us.

December 9 Place of Birth

A centuries-old prophecy specified the location of Christ’s birth. Why was it important for God to let us know this through His prophet?

December 16 Timing of Birth

Many associate Daniel with his miraculous rescue in the lions’ den. His prophecies regarding the final weeks of history can become a starting point for a backward look into the exact time of Christ’s birth.

December 23  Ancestry of Birth

A closer look at the genealogy of Jesus Christ highlights this stark truth: The perfect Son of God was descended from a line of flawed individuals–God’s unconditional love on display!

December 25  Purpose of Birth

Jesus Christ was born to die. A hymn aptly describes this truth: “Bethlehem’s Incarnation, Calvary’s bitter cross, wrought for us salvation by Your pain and loss.”