Weekend Messages

Resurrection Victory

The celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection has come and gone. We were reminded once again of Christ’s great sacrifice that dealt once and for all with the curse of sin that held us captive to sin, and rendered us powerless over death. Christ died and rose from the dead. What does it mean for those who put their trust in Him?


April 8  Christ our Victor

Jesus Christ was faithful to His calling to the point of death–death on a cross. He who had power over death was victorious over the grave. Because He overcame, we too can overcome. What does His resurrection victory mean for us today?

April 15  Victory Over Toxic Relationships

Those who have put their trust in Christ for salvation are not immune to sin. How can we who have been called out of darkness live consistently as children of light?

April 22  Victory Over Gluttony

Trusting Christ for salvation has made us citizens of heaven. As such, we are no longer to set our minds on earthly things. How do we live out the reality of our new citizenship?

April 29  Victory Over Chronic Health Issues

Christ is Lord not only over the spiritual realm but also over the physical. What can God’s hands and feet–the church–do to help those who deal with chronic health issues?