Weekend Messages

Modern Life Lessons From 1000 B.C.

“The Bible is not a textbook. It’s not a collection of benign morality tales. It’s the living enscripturated word of God! This will change your life!” (Lisa Harper, The Gospel of Mark) This series of messages from the Bible book of First Samuel yields life lessons relevant to us in the 21st Century.

April 19  Hannah’s Hope
God responds to those who present their troubles to him in prayer according to His purpose so that he gets the glory.

April 26  Hannah’s Prayer
A confident trust in God’s sovereignty enables us to thank Him when we are hurting and troubled.

May 3  The Death of Eli
God is not our good luck charm, or an amulet that will protect us from the harmful consequences of our ungodly actions.

May 10  The Birth of Ichabod
Motherhood may not live up to expectations, but mothers must sacrifice to bless their children nonetheless.

May 17  Israel’s Request For A King
Rather than demand things of God and get our own way, we must strive to understand His will and adhere to His perfect plan.

May 24  Saul’s Unlawful Sacrifice
God isn’t impressed with external affectations of spirituality, but with a heart that’s truly devoted and obedient to Him.

May 31  Saul’s Failure With the Amalekites
Disobedience to the Lord’s commands, however well-intentioned or justified, is still disobedience.

June 7  David and Goliath
God supernaturally enables us to exceed our natural limitations when we are seeking His own name and glory.

June 14  Jonathan Warns David
True love for another desires the best for them irrespective of personal cost to one’s self.

June 21  The Conflict Between the Love of God and Love for Our Earthly Fathers
A father can lose the affection and respect of godly children by being an ungodly example.

June 28  God’s Guidance and Middle Knowledge
Our all-knowing God guides us through middle knowledge and providence.

July 5  David Spares Soul’s Life Again
Showing forgiveness to our political enemies for harm they cause and respect for their authority can lead to repentance by and reconciliation with those who hate us.