Weekend Messages

Modern Life Lessons From 1000 B.C.

“The Bible is not a textbook. It’s not a collection of benign morality tales. It’s the living enscripturated word of God! This will change your life!” (Lisa Harper, The Gospel of Mark) This series of messages from the Bible books of First Samuel and Second Samuel yields life lessons relevant to us in the 21st Century.

July 12  Saul’s Fateful Visit To The Witch At Endor
God sets His face against those who turn to after “mediums and familiar spirits” to obtain wisdom.

July 19  How The Mighty Have Fallen
Our love for God translates to love even for our most persistent enemies.

July 26  God’s Covenant With David: A Forever Kingdom
God displays His faithfulness in His covenants with man.

August 2  Standing On The Promises
Big prayers come from big promises given by a big God.

August 9  Staying Home When Kings March Out To War
Unchecked sin will lead to ruin.

August 16  Stealing A Nation From The King
God’s forgiveness does not entail the complete absence of consequences.

August 23  Praise To Whom It Is Due
God shows steadfast love to His anointed leader.

August 30 When Census-Taking Becomes Sin
We ought to be careful not to rely on human strength but on the power of God.