Weekend Messages

Isaiah 53: The Mission of the Messiah

This series of five messages from Isaiah 53 discusses the atonement that Jesus Christ accomplished for our salvation.

March 15  The Sprinkling Servant
The sprinkling of Christ’s blood was necessary that all nations may receive forgiveness of sins.

March 22  The Scorned Servant
Jesus is the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star, yet He was scorned by His own.

March 29  The Substituted Servant
God’s wrath against us is satisfied through Christ’s taking the penalty for our sins on Himself.

April 5  The Silent Servant
Christ’s silence at His trials, at His death and at His burial was His demonstration of submission to His Father’s will.

April 12 (Easter Sunday)  The Sovereign Servant
Jesus humbled Himself in His death in order to be exalted among believers in heaven.