Weekend Messages

How Did God Make Man?

Our culture is deeply confused regarding the purpose of mankind. Our goal will be to think biblically about ourselves as human beings. We will learn what the Bible says about the most significant questions concerning mankind such as: What does it mean to be made in God’s image? Why did God create man? What is sin? How can men be redeemed from sin? Please join us in looking forward to hearing what Scripture says about these and other questions.

April 28   Made In God’s Image
God made man in His image, after His likeness. How then should we live, knowing that we bear His image?

May 5   Made For God’s Glory
We are God’s workmanship created with a purpose. How can we know our purpose?

May 12   Made A Woman For God’s Glory
God made woman for a special role. How can she know that role and live it out well?

May 19   Made Male And Female
God made the first man uniquely different from the first woman. God esteemed His design as good. How can men and women live according to God’s design?

May 26   Made At Conception
God in His foreknowledge saw all people before they were born. Each human being is “fearfully and wonderfully made” by our Creator. How should this affect the choices we make?

June 2   Made To Be Able to Sin  
Man’s sin caused a separation between him and a holy God. How can man be reconciled back to God?

June 9   Made Accountable For Sin
A sinful nature entered into all mankind through Adam’s choice to disobey God. What did Jesus’ obedience to God’s will to the point of death accomplish?

June 16  Made A Man For God’s Glory
A father’s choices will either curse or bless his family for several generations. How can he bless his family and future generations?

June 23   Made Under The Law
The law was a “teacher” to bring us to Christ. Christ said He did not come to abolish the law. What did His coming accomplish with respect to the law?

June 30  Made To Be Redeemed
Man was created. Man sinned. Man needed a Savior. So Christ came. What did Christ’s coming accomplish?