Weekend Messages

Looking Forward to the End

This is a message series based on 2 Thessalonians. A misunderstanding of end-time events prompted the Apostle Paul to write his second letter to the Thessalonian church. But before he addresses the problem, Paul commends this newly formed church for their growing faith evidenced by their thankful attitude.

December 30 Worthy to the End
Paul boasted about the Thessalonians’ patience and faith in the midst of persecution. He assured
them that there is a future judgment for those who persecute them.

January 6 Vengeance in the End
Jesus’ return will bring bitter vengeance for unbelievers, but sweet relief for believers. Those who
have believed and been faithful are afflicted in this life, but will be granted rest when Christ

January 13 Glorifying God to the End
God makes us fit for what He calls us to be, and and empowers us to honor HIm.

January 20 Events of the End
If we are prepared for the end times, we will have peace. Part of that preparation is knowing
what the Bible says about that final page of history.

January 27 Enemy at the End
The future Man of Sin (AntiChrist) will deceive many but will ultimately be conquered at the
coming of Jesus Christ back to earth.

February 3 Elect Unto the End
All who have been saved would inherit the glorious presence of the Lord Jesus forever. Find out
what it takes to be saved.

February 10 Proclaiming Christ to the End
Godly leaders encourage others to persevere and to grow in the love of God in a dark world.

February 17 Diligent to the End
Work ethic is a spiritual matter. A poor work ethic not only impacts the individual but also others
around them.

February 24 Peace to the End
God enables us to respond to crisis with a settled peace. The shoes of the gospel of peace give us
the ability to stand firm in difficulty.