Weekend Messages

Good News According To Mark

New Hope Church continues a study of the Gospel of Mark, the fastest-paced gospel where the life and deeds of Jesus the Messiah are highlighted for an action-oriented culture.

June 6  The Power and Pity of Jesus
Spiritual power is unleashed when we get close to Jesus through the exercise of our faith.

June 13  Amazing Grace and Amazing Rejection
We need to recognize Jesus for who He is and follow His commands, then we will be empowered by Him to do His work.

June 20  Masculinity and Fatherhood
This Father’s Day message will feature Aaron, Moses’ brother, whose life was an antithesis of God’s design for fatherhood.

June 27  The Death of John the Baptist
Lives of great saints like John the Baptist should inspire us to persevere in our calling to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to others.