Weekend Messages

Christ Before Christmas

The eternal Christ, who was with God in the beginning, showed Himself in bodily form prior to His incarnation, before He was born in Bethlehem. Do join us in our amazement at the pre-incarnate Christ in His earthly appearances as…

December 1  The Visitor
Jesus visited Abraham, and promised that he and his wife Sara would be given a son in their old age. What is our reaction when God promises us something beyond our wildest imagination?

December 8  The Wrestler
Jacob wrestled with a man on his way to a feared encounter with his estranged (enraged) brother. and wouldn’t let go until he received a blessing. Do we persevere, wrestling in prayer, to seek God’s blessing?

December 15  The Son of Man
Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, will obtain eternal dominion at the end of time. Will we bow the knee and allow Him to be Lord of our lives now, or will we be made to bow when He comes to establish His kingdom?

December 22  The Captain of the Lord’s Army
A stranger appears out of nowhere with his sword drawn while Joshua awaits instructions for an impending battle. The stranger turns out to be the captain of the Lord’s army with quite an unconventional strategy to conquer Jericho and claimed the Promised Land. If we were to encounter God in this way, would we follow?

December 25  The Incarnate One
Jesus Christ, as God in human flesh, must be humbly received as Savior and Lord. Do we view Him as a helpless baby, or as a Redeemer with the power to save us from sin and death?