Weekend Messages


So often God uses the most unlikely characters to fulfill His purposes. He elevates a Jewish orphan to queen of a great empire. Esther begins as a nobody and becomes a somebody, a woman who risks her life to make a stand.

February 12   More than a Beauty Contest
Once we understand God's will, we have a human responsibility to
do what it takes for its fulfillment. What if His will takes us beyond
our comfort zone?

February 19   Satan Hates Us
When we draw close to God, we become aware of the spiritual
challenges Satan and others may present to us individually and as a
body of believers. How do we get God's help against Satan's

February 26   Esther’s Risk, God’s Rescue
There are times when we think the enemy has the upper hand. Then
God comes through and turns the tables on the enemies of His people.
How are we then to conduct ourselves?

March 5   God’s Deliverance of His People
God knows how to protect His people. He is active even when He is
not seen, and has the power to deliver through circumstances. How
can this truth enable us to take steps of faith when the outcome of the
battle is unknown?

March 12   The Feast of Purim
What seemed to be certain death for the Jewish people got turned
around for their deliverance and the death of their enemy. Celebrate
the Feast of Purim with us, and affirm that God can work things out
for the good of His people and for His glory.

(end of Esther series)

March 19   Christ-like Attitudes of Giving
Jesus Christ gave His life for the world. Followers of Jesus Christ then ought to demonstrate generosity in giving and in service to God and to others, as God enables them to.

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