Weekend Messages


Experience new hope with us this Christmas with a series of messages on Bible characters who had great prayer expectations and were not disappointed.

November 28  Believing the Impossible
She was unmarried but pregnant, chosen by God to bear His Son. We can learn from Mary’s stirring prayer of faith, the Magnificat.

December 3  Zechariah's Concert
Ever so excited about something that you wanted to break out in song, even if you can’t carry a tune? So was Zechariah. Check out why.

December 10  Simeon's Bucket List
Every generation wanted to be the one to welcome the Messiah, Simeon almost didn’t make it. Find out what he got to see and do.

December 17  Herod, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Talk about fake worship. This guy, Herod, was a master at it. He did some pretty nasty stuff, but learn how his plans were foiled.

December 24  From the Mouths of Angels
Are you looking for hope and peace? There’s no better time than now to turn things around. Don’t let another Christmas go by without finding it.


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