Weekend Messages

Good News According To Mark

New Hope Church continues a study of the Gospel of Mark, the fastest-paced gospel where the life and deeds of Jesus the Messiah are highlighted for an action-oriented culture. The weekly worship service recordings are preached the day after these messages are preached. Click here.

September 19  Biblical Teaching on Divorce, Part 1
What is God’s standard for marriage? He has not left us in the dark, but has given us clear instructions in His perfect word.

September 26  Biblical Teaching on Divorce, Part 2
When is divorce biblically acceptable? What has God put in place to protect the vulnerable spouse?

October 3 Children and the Kingdom  
As children participate in the kingdom by grace, we also must enter the kingdom by grace through faith.

October 10  The Rich Young Ruler
We must subordinate our personal desires to the desires of Christ to receive an abundant life now and life with Christ into eternity.

October 17  True Glory Through Suffering
Jesus explains that to be great, one must first be a servant. Greatness does not come without suffering.

October 24  The Final Miracle of Mercy
God is pleased with a heart that trusts him wholeheartedly regardless of one’s station in life.

October 31  The Triumphal Entry for the True King
The triumphal entry is both a confirmation of Jesus as the Messiah and of his divinity.