Weekend Messages

Back to the Beginning: Genesis 1-3

Over the next few months, New Hope Church will feature an exegetical walk through Genesis chapters 1—3. You might say we’re going “back to the beginning”. You may have noticed that the world we live in is breaking down. Basic concepts we once took for granted have been thrown into utter confusion. The reason is simple: a lack of foundation. As Christians, the word of God gives us a foundation. There is no more fundamental part of Scripture for foundational truths than the first three chapters of Genesis. We will talk about creation, that God made us male and female, that there is only one human race, that mankind’s problem is personal sin, and that redemption in Christ is the solution. Join us in recovering truth through these foundational chapters of Genesis! Click here.

May 1  Christian Worldview Thinking
A Christian worldview is built upon the inerrant statements of God in Scripture, not the captivating statements of man in culture.

May 8  Christianity and Feminism
A patriarchal, militaristic view of male leadership in all authority structures (familial, church, civil, business) is to be rejected as an unbiblical model for the exercise of human authority.

May 15  In the Beginning
The triune God is the creator of the universe.

May 22  The First Day
The distinction between light and darkness at the beginning of creation establishes the separation that should exist for the entirety of creation between the light of the righteousness of God and His followers and the darkness of the evil of those who hate God.

May 29  The Second Day
God is a God of order and mercy. 

June 5  The Third Day
God created with order, distinctly dividing different things.

June 12  The Fourth Day
God is an awesome creator, revealed in his creation but more undoubtedly in his word.

June 19  The Fifth Day
God is an awesome creator, revealed in his creation but more undoubtedly in his word.

June 26 The Sixth Day
God created separate and distinct domains first, then made creatures to fill them.