Weekend Messages

Easter Series: Resurrection Restoration

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This year for our Easter series, we will be preaching on the doctrine of the atonement. The phrase “atonement” means “at one-ment”, referring to two parties in hostility finding unity. As sinners, we are by nature enemies of God and deserving of His wrath (Rom. 3:19). But because God loves us, He sent Christ to die for our sins (Rom. 5:8). He died for our sins, so we could be at one-ment with God. Our series will explore in clear, understandable language what the Bible teaches doctrinally about that atonement. This will all lead up to the great sign of God’s acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice, the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

March 10  The Motive of the Atonement
The motive of the atonement was God’s unconditional love. Why did God send Christ to die on the cross? Because He loves sinners.

March 17  The Necessity of the Atonement
The atonement was a free act of God, but once God decided to make atonement for man’s sins there was only one possible way: the death of one who was both truly God and truly man, Jesus Christ.

March 24  The Means of the Atonement
Christ made atonement for sins by offering Himself as a sinless sacrifice, a substitute who satisfied the wrath of God for all who believe.

March 31  The Vindication of the Atonement (Easter Sunday)
The resurrection shows that Christ’s sacrifice had been accepted by God. Death could not hold Him because He had already paid the penalty for our sins in full, and so the resurrection vindicates the atonement.