Weekend Messages

Back to the Beginning, Part 2 (Genesis 4-11)

The authority and inerrancy of the Bible are key issues for Christians today. Our relativistic society wants to eliminate all absolute standards of truth. But Jesus said to the Father, “Your word is truth” (John 17:17). Scripture is our absolute guide to understanding reality. There is no portion of Scripture which is so frequently assaulted as Genesis chapters 1—11, and so none more urgently deserving of our commitment and attention. We’re excited to see what God teaches us through this precious and important section of His perfect word.

June 4  The First Murder (James 4:1-8)
The righteousness of faithful believers serves as a rebuke to the sin of unbelievers, sometimes resulting in hatred.

June 11  Cain’s Punishment (Genesis 4:9-16)
Anger and resentment can lead to great sin if they are not properly dealt with.

June 18  Godly Ambition (Genesis 1:28)
God created men to have a godly masculine ambition to take dominion and subdue the earth.

June 25  The Origin of Society (Genesis 4:17-24)
Even in his fallen state, man is made in God’s image and can creatively make ordered societies.