Weekend Messages

The Gospel of John

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We are continuing in our message series, a verse-by-verse exposition of the Gospel of John. This Gospel has a strong emphasis on faith, and on both the humanity and divinity of Christ. We are excited to spend time studying the greatest topic anyone could study—the person of Jesus Christ—through the words of John’s gospel. We have been considering topics such as the deity of Christ, being born again, worshipping in spirit and in truth, eternal security, receiving the Holy Spirit, and more. This study enriches our understanding of the good news and of biblical doctrine. We trust that you have been blessed by this series, as it enables us to focus entirely on Jesus and His teachings every week.

June 2 – John 4:16–26 (“Worship in Spirit and in Truth”) 

“The purpose of the Christian life is in part to authentically worship God in one’s spirit and according to biblical truth.”

June 9 – John 4:27–38 (“Living to Do God’s Will”) 

“Doing the will of God should be a higher priority for Christians than even physical sustenance.”

June 16– John 4:39–45 (“Hearing for Ourselves”) [Father’s Day]

“One must hear and believe the gospel for himself in order to be saved.”

June 23 – John 4:46–54 (“Healing an Official’s Son”) 

“Jesus manifested the incredible power of God in His healing miracles.”

June 30 – John 5:1–17 (“Healing on a Sabbath”) 

“Man-made traditions must never be elevated to the level of Scripture.”

July 7 – John 5:18 (“Jesus is Equal with God”) 

“Jesus is equal with God and one with Him in terms of His essence, although they are distinct persons.”

July 14 – John 5:19–24 (“The Authority of the Son”) 

“Everything Jesus did was the Father’s will, so to reject Jesus is to reject the Father.”