Weekend Messages

The Gospel of John

The current series is a verse-by-verse exposition of the Gospel of John. This is perhaps the most unique of the four gospels, as about 93% of the material found in John is not found in the synoptics. This Gospel has a strong emphasis on faith, as well as a strong emphasis on both the humanity and divinity of Christ. We are excited to spend time studying the greatest topic anyone could study—the person of Jesus Christ—-through the words of John’s gospel. We will consider topics such as the deity of Christ, being born again, worshipping in spirit and in truth, eternal security, receiving the Holy Spirit, and more. This study will enrich our understanding of the good news and of biblical doctrine. We trust
that we will be blessed by this series, as it will enable us to focus entirely on Jesus and His teachings every week.

December 31  The Fourth Gospel: An Overview of the Gospel of John
God inspired John to write a unique fourth gospel, to put special attention on the deity of Christ and the necessity of faith.

January 7  The Word Became Flesh

Jesus Christ was God in human flesh, and He had to be in order to lovingly save mankind from sin.

January 14  The True Light 
Jesus Christ brings the light of gospel truth, which is eternal life for all who receive Him.

January 21  Grace and Truth
Jesus Christ perfectly harmonizes both the judgment and the grace of God, without compromising the truth.

January 28  Testimony to Christ
Our goal as believers when sharing the gospel is to point unbelievers toward Christ, who is greater than we are.