Care Ministry

Hearts of Hope

Our Purpose

Hearts of Hope Care Ministry of New Hope Church provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support to enable spiritual life transformation according to God’s purpose.

Hearts of Hope, Care Ministry of New Hope Church provides high-quality Christian care to…

  • those grieving the loss of a loved one
  • terminally ill people and their families
  • those with a chronic illness or disability and members of their families
  • people who are separated or divorced
  • those experiencing birth or adoption
  • those in a job crisis
  • new members of the congregation
  • those who are lonely
  • the aging and the elderly
  • people facing life transitions
  • countless other situations when people could benefit from ongoing, one-on-one Christian care

Who We Are

We are members of New Hope Church who are trained to provide one-on-one emotional and spiritual support to those going through life-changing events.  During these times, people can receive great benefit from a caring relationship with someone who will faithfully listen, empathize, pray with and for them, and encourage them with Christ’s love and care.

How We Help

Hearts of Hope is here to walk alongside.  Each care minister is matched with a care receiver – men are paired with men, women with women – and meets with the person weekly to listen, care, pray, and encourage.  Caring relationships last for as long as the need persists.  All visits and conversations between the care minister and care receiver are confidential, so you can be sure that what is shared in your caring visits will stay strictly between the two of you.

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You’re important to God, and you’re important to us.  So whatever you’re concerned about and need prayer for — we want to be here for you.  Whatever you share stays between you and our prayer team. Please submit your prayer requests or call us at 708.824.9190.