Exploring New Hope
This document gives inquiring minds or membership applicants an overview of what New Hope Church is all about, and what it means to be a member.

Communication Process
This document outlines the communication process that will be set in motion in the case of funerals and other emergency matters.

Spiritual Gift Assessment
Identify your spiritual gifts and participate in body life at New Hope Church! There’s a ministry that will benefit from the exercise of your spiritual gifting.

Family Night Checklist
Are you an event planner or participant in New Hope Church’s Family Night events? This document outlines a to-do list for Family Night.

Funeral Checklist
Many have been comforted and encouraged through New Hope Church’s handling of funerals of its members and their families. Here’s a checklist that ensures all the bases are covered.

Membership Application
Have you been scripturally baptized and want to be a member of New Hope Church? Download this form, fill it out, and submit to the church office, or mail it to New Hope Church, 5100 W. 115th St., Alsip, IL 60803. If you have any questions, please call us at 708.824.9190.

Ministry Initiation Form
Are you interested in starting a ministry at New Hope? Download this form, and fill it out as comprehensively as you’re able and submit to the church office.

Personality Survey
Your personality is an integral part of your awareness of where you can effectively serve at New Hope Church. Fill out the survey and submit to the church office for ministry placement.

Life Purpose Worksheet
Have you identified your life purpose? Wonder no more! This worksheet will walk you through some key questions that will give you a sense of what purpose God has for your life.

On your journey towards sensing your place in ministry at New Hope Church, you will benefit from knowing what your SHAPE is.