Worship Gatherings

Worship Focus

At New Hope, the Bible is our source for the truth about God and serves as the foundation of our worship of Him. Here, you will receive insight about who God is, what He has done for you and what His plans are for the future. As we get to know who God is and begin to nurture a relationship with Him, we can more fully appreciate and offer our praises to Him.

Worship Focus

Worship Style

Nothing compares to the power-packed services of New Hope Church! They are not only invigorating but they’re designed to develop within every person a lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise. You’ll find yourself amidst a range of contemporary praise songs, to inspirational hymns, to classic Christian anthems.

The dynamic messages (see below) are peppered with dramatic sketches and amazing life stories of how God works in the lives of people within our community.

Discover the worship experience that gets you refreshed, renewed and ready to face the week!